• Water so pure you can taste the difference.

  • Promote your brand or event with custom bottled water.

  • Low Minimum order, no set up fees.


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We don't like waste—wasting water, wasting money, wasting time…even words. We will get right to the point: We are a public water system that sells custom-label bottled water. Boom! There it is. Sound odd? You might be thinking: "A public water system selling bottled water? What's the catch?" No catch, just a win-win situation for our current water customers—and anyone looking to promote their brand, business, event or special occasion.

Promoting your brand & saving the world… all at the same time!

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Promoting your brand & saving the world… all at the same time!

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Promoting your brand and doing our part

We don't simply sell bottled water. We sell purified AWESOME water with specially designed, customized labels that market your company and make a lasting impression. Our water is purified on-site, with your Name/Company, Logo and Graphics front and center on the label. And, did we mention, it's affordable too? Pure Image custom bottled water is the highest quality drinking water offered at a competitive price point.

Help us keep costs down for customers

By selling bottled water with custom labels, Pure Image is able to provide another source of revenue for the Inman Campobello Water District. This additional revenue helps us keep our water rates stable for residential customers.

Visit www.ICWD.org to learn more.

A Pure Environment Makes Good Sense

Recycling is very important to us, for several reasons. Like many companies, we strongly promote initiatives that preserve and protect the earth and its natural resources. As a water utility, conserving water is a key component to us running an effective, efficient company that serves the community by delivering quality water while keeping costs down. In addition to conserving water, we actively participate in keeping our earth clean by utilizing recycled material for all our bottles. We strongly encourage our customers to "do the right thing" for the planet by actively participating in a recycling program.

what we do

Pure Image
Customized Water
can be your

Pure Image custom-label bottled water makes perfect sense for anyone or any organization trying to project their message or image out into the world. We can help "make things happen." Whether it's marketing your company or business…trying to impress a prospective client…or celebrating a special event (wedding, reunion, graduation, etc), Pure Image is a cost-efficient and effective way to market yourself. We also make it easy and convenient.

  • customized labels for water bottles

    We offer fully customized labels on purified bottle water

  • Personalized water bottles

    We feature logos, graphics, and any other information you want to communicate

  • Water bottle lables graphics

    We offer free graphic design and artwork to make it easy

  • about paints and logos

    We don't charge for set-up and have no limits or restrictions on designs and colors

  • water bottles personalized

    We keep our minimum order low to ensure value and cost-effectiveness

  • Shipping

    We offer free delivery within a 50-mile radius on orders of 10 cases or more

Our water is pure and refreshing...every time.

Our Purification Process

how it works

Get your flow on…

It's easy to get your customized water.

  • we design.

    Choose a design style for your labels or send us your own design!

  • we print.

    We print your design on waterproof labels and wrap them on your bottled water

  • you receive.

    We'll ship anywhere or deliver, free of charge, within a 50 mile radius on orders of 10 cases or more

Pure Image Customized Bottled Water promotional water bottles


What's the cost?

We keep our minimum order low to provide you with a cost-effective and refreshing approach to getting your company or event recognized.

Small Orders

(5-50 cases)


per case

($0.75 per bottle)

Large Orders

(51 cases or more)


per case

($0.55 per bottle)

No set-up or artwork fees.* Simply submit your label design/artwork, or let us design your label for you at no cost. If you feel that you will place repeat orders allowing you to exceed 50 cases, please read more on our large order section.

*Please Note: We are happy to provide smaller case orders, however orders less than 5 cases would require a $35 artwork fee.

If you feel that you will need, over a period of time, 51 cases or more but do not want to pick them up or have them delivered all at one time, or perhaps you don't want to worry with storage, commit to the larger quantity to save on the cost per case. We will be glad to store the labels for you at no charge until you are ready for another order. As with the smaller orders, there is no charge for setup or artwork.

First Time Customer Policy

Our policy for new customers is that once the final proof label has been approved, we require payment in full before it is sent to press. This does not apply to repeat customers.

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