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An exceptional birthday party is an event that is never forgotten. One great way to make your friend or family member feel good on their special day is to customize the occasion to their unique liking, by creating their very own birthday theme.

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Birthday themes can go way beyond simply writing names on labels. A complete birthday theme will make anyone feel special. Planning such a theme doesn’t have to break your wallet either.

Custom Birthday Themes: Examples

Below is a simple chef-inspired birthday theme.

Customized Invitations

You can add to the cohesion of the birthday theme by customizing your invitations. Below is a flight-inspired invitation theme.

You certainly don’t have to keep your customization options inside a rigid box either. Use your imagination, and think of whatever it is that the celebrator is passionate about.

Another example of a customized invitation, shown below, is a fun disco-inspired theme.

Customizing Birthday Food and Beverages

When it comes time to plan food and beverages, Pure Image can help your cause, by allowing you to customize your very own birthday water bottles. Click here to see some of our special occasion bottled water designs.

  • This is a great alternative to less healthy options - like sodas and sugary beverages
  • Water bottle customization does many things a can of soda cannot.

Here’s an example of how your customized birthday water bottle could look.

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Pure Image makes it exceptionally easy to have custom water bottles to match your overall birthday theme.

  • From font, to color palette, to design, we make the process easy and the options infinite.
  • You can create your own design or chose one of ours.
  • We’ll print your custom design on waterproof labels, fill them with deliciously purified water, and deliver them directly to you.

For Custom Water Bottles that Match Your Birthday Theme

Contact the professional team at We have top designers, we use only recycled bottles, and our water goes through a rigid purification process.

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