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Trade Show Displays: Don't Forget the personalized water bottles

Apr 04 at 11:40am

Everyone likes water. Why not take advantage of that fact by stocking your trade show displays with clear refreshing water? In fact, personalized water bottles are so well received; you may want to consider stocking your office with these winning promotional ideas as well.

Advice to Trade Show Exhibitors

Jul 23

Being at a trade show is like experiencing a whole different world. It’s chaotic and exciting getting there, and once it begins, there are amazing opportunities in making business contacts and finding new customers.

A Great Trade Show Give-Away: Pure Water – with Your Label

Jun 03

Your potential customers like to walk away with a gift as they leave your trade show booth. Why not make it something that they can use right then and there – to keep them alert and revitalized? A full bottle of pure water is about as energizing as a cup of coffee, and healthier, too!

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