Trade Show Displays: Don't Forget the personalized water bottles

Apr 04 at 11:40am

Everyone likes water. Why not take advantage of that fact by stocking your trade show displays with clear refreshing water? In fact, personalized water bottles are so well received; you may want to consider stocking your office with these winning promotional ideas as well.

Wedding Planning 101: Custom Water Bottle Labels

Apr 04 at 11:29am

Wedding planning 101 is all about commemoration of the day and celebration of the moment, so why not do it with an affordable, environmentally friendly, and decorative way? 

Spreading the Love: Marketing with Custom Labeled Bottled Water

Apr 04 at 8:07am

With the average person in the United States consuming 167 bottles of water per year, and 30 billion water bottles sold annually, using custom labeled bottle water to increase brand recognition in your community is really a no brainer.

How to Boost Your Business with Branded Water Bottles

Apr 04 at 7:51am

One of the simplest yet most powerful marketing tools is keeping the name of your business in front of people. Get maximum visibility and positive association by placing your information on custom branded water bottles.

The Truth About The FDA and Bottled Water

Apr 04 at 7:33am

Ultimately, all bottled water products sold in the United States are closely regulated by the FDA. For this reason, bottled water remains an excellent alternative to the use of tap water, especially in regions where tap water sources have an unpleasant smell, taste, or are prone to contamination.

How Safe is Bottled Water? Isn't it Just Tap Water in a Bottle?

Apr 04 at 7:24am

There are many myths about the safety and environmental impact of bottle water. Consumers are caught in the middle, unsure which sources to trust and are left seeking answers.
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