Advice to Trade Show Exhibitors

Being at a trade show is like experiencing a whole different world. It’s chaotic and exciting getting there, and once it begins, there are amazing opportunities in making business contacts and finding new customers.

Image Credit: AmericanExpress at YouTube
Trade Show 101 for OPEN Forum

In the video above, from Bill Lynch, the Fancy Food Show Operations Manager, gives his experience-based suggestions for trade show exhibitors. His main points are shown above. According to Bill, the last one is the most important. He says the best thing to remember is to "Be lively!”

But we’d like to add another suggestion: Give away free custom-labeled bottled water!

Image Credit: AmericanExpress at YouTube

As shown in the screenshot above, trade show visitors get hungry, and you can help them out and make your booth inviting by giving them a snack.

But remember: they also get thirsty!

Image Credit: AmericanExpress at YouTube

What we’d like to say about this screenshot is: "Where’s the water?”

Think about how this business owner could amplify the effect of his trade show presence if he not only gave visitors a taste of his delicious cookies, but also some cool clear water to wash it down!

Image Credit: AmericanExpress at YouTube

Here’s a happy exhibitor, in a welcoming mood. But what if he was welcoming you with a nice cool drink of water instead? And what if that water bottle had his logo on it – to help you remember him?