Extra Trade Show Visibility with Custom Bottled Water

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When you’re getting ready for a trade show, you’re often thinking about preparing nice handouts and coming up with great refreshments - to give away to prospective customers that stop by our booth. And at Pure Image, we specialize in a great tradeshow give away: custom bottled water with your brand standing out on the label.

But tradeshowsamurai.com says there’s a hidden way to expand your visibility on the trade show floor with bottled water: hand it out to the other exhibitors!

  • It’s a good way to break the ice.
  • It helps turn your fellow exhibitors into your allies.
  • It spreads your brand around even more.


When other exhibitors are walking around with bottles of water customized with your logo, you get extra exposure wherever they go. And it also helps the exhibitors remember you in the future, thus broadening your networking opportunities at the event and afterward.

You may be a bit shy about walking around to get to know the other exhibitors. But when you come bearing the gift of bottled water, you’re always a welcome sight. Some refreshing water can help your fellow exhibitors keep their cool while they’re setting up their booth and thinking about their presentation.

And many of the exhibitors will leave your branded bottle of water sitting in plain site in their booth. This multiplies your visibility index, and the more times a tradeshow attendee see your logo, the deeper impression it makes.

Increase Your Visibility at Trade Shows with Brand-Enhancing Customized Bottled Water
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