Tips for a Great Wedding Reception

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The best wedding receptions are the ones where everyone in two sets of friends and family drops their usual inhibitions and celebrates. Weddings, dancing and music have gone together since time immemorial. To maximize your wedding’s party potential, here’s some tips from xx at yy.

Wedding Reception Tips from a DJ - Good Advice!

  1. Don’t put the older guests next to the speakers
  2. Don’t put your entertainment out of the way.
  3. End the party before it dies down.
  4. A Too-Small dance floor is better than one that is too big.
  5. Darker is better than lighter. When some people dance it is a crime
  6. Keep the exit doors closed. Don’t invite people outside of the main room. Brides and grooms should never stand by the exit door unless they want people to leave. (It draws people to them) - Don’t say good bye to people when you’re on the dance floor.
  7. All things being equal, nicer venues pull people from the dance floor.
  8. If the bar shuts down, do it during dinner, not during the party afterward.
  9. Happy music keeps things going. Keep the mood up.
  10. Respect the opinions of your music professionals. People dance to what they know.
  11. The wedding vendors should eat with the guests – not behind the scenes. (Videographers, djs, band, etc.) Don’t treat your vendors like 2nd class citizens.
  12. Consider not doing a dollar dance (guests move out the door when it’s easy to go) If you must, limit it.
  13. People remember the beginning and the end of the event. Band plays during beginning, and end.
  14. Best for speeches to be done before dancing begins – also photos. (parties lose steam).
  15. Arrange the rehearsal dinner 2 nights before – not one night. (bridal party can get hung over and burned out.)
  16. If you have to cut corners, don’t compromise on the entertainment.


And always remember …

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