Wedding Planning 101: Custom Water Bottle Labels

When it come time to bring home wedding souvenirs, there’s only so many top layers of cake at any given festivity that can be taken home and put into the freezer; and traditionally speaking, that honor is usually afforded the bride and groom. As such, having personalized water bottles available for your friends and loved ones is an outstanding way to both hydrate your guests and highlight your special day all at the same time. Wedding planning 101 is all about commemoration of the day and celebration of the moment, so why not do it with an affordable, environmentally friendly, and decorative way? You’ve customized the wedding dress to match the shoes and the bridesmaid are dressed to match the wedding’s motif, why not tie it all together with custom water bottle labels that lend a personal message to the proceedings?

How it Works...

The art to maintaining your sanity during the run up to Wedding Planning 101 is to delegate. Custom water bottle labels allows you to either send in your own wedding design ideas, or select from an already tested and received line of winning wedding custom labels. Ideally, the firm you select will have a full array of colors and styles to match up to whatever motif you have selected for your special day. In fact, you can tailor your customized water bottles to match the couture design of your choice; after all, the one thing in the room that absolutely has to stand out is the bride, so why not watch your water bottle labels to compliment the hue of her dress? Simply stated, the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting your wedding day look.

Once the design considerations are decided upon, the firm you select will print your chosen design onto waterproof labels before affixing them your bottle water. All you have to do is let them know where and when to deliver them, and you can cross another item off your Wedding Planner 101 checklist. Personalized water bottles are ideal for keeping your wedding guests hydrated and having fun throughout the reception, and they make for stylish mementos of that important day. Getting the little details right on your wedding day are the key to an overall great memory.

Get the Details to Make Your Wedding Reception Sparkle...

Perusing your Wedding Planner 101 guidebook will provide you with great ideas but few details, so if you have questions about custom water bottle labels for your reception, call us here at Pure Image because we have the answers. We make it easy to get the look you want with free graphic designs and artwork. In addition, we make it affordable with no charges for set-up, and with no restrictions on designs or colors, so you can rely on us to match any color scheme you might be planning. For environmentally friendly options and solutions for your wedding planning ordeal, you should check out how Pure Image can keep your wedding planning on track with great looking custom water bottle labels.