Spreading the Love: Marketing with Custom Labeled Bottled Water

These days there are a myriad of ways for you to get the word out about your business. In addition to traditional media, we now have countless options in the virtual world. But isn’t it nice to have something more tangible? Something that both you, and your customers can hold in their hands? Something like a custom labeled bottle water with your logo on it?

Custom Labeled Bottled Water has long been a staple of business marketing with proven benefits of increasing brand awareness and brand perception, but other then tradeshows, and handing them out to customers, what do you do with them? How do you get them to the new leads? How do you get them to the customers that don’t already know you?

Well, the goal would be to get them into the hands of your potential clients. Although everyone loves free things, especially when that free thing is a refreshing bottle of water, Finding the time and place to hand them out is not always easy. However, donating a few cases to local charitable event seems like a good way to accomplish that goal.

There are plenty of charitable events in most communities that you could help, and in return they will help you spread the word about your business by handing out your custom labeled bottle water. You could look for:

  • 5k Walks / runs
  • Local sports leagues
  • Art fairs
  • Street fairs


Not only will people be thinking of your business while they enjoy that refreshing custom labeled bottled water, but everyone they come in contact with will see your label.

With the average person in the United States consuming 167 bottles of water per year, and 30 billion water bottles sold annually, using custom labeled bottle water to increase brand recognition in your community is really a no brainer.