Trade Show Displays: Don't Forget the personalized water bottles

You would not be laying out the money for a booth at the trade fair if you did not understand the basic premises of marketing and brand recognition. Identifying your market and getting your name ingrained into their buying decision is critical to making a go of it in the competitive business environment most of us find ourselves in, so personalizing your approach is the key to making an impression at that next trade show displays. Rather than dishing out the ubiquitous business card, which will languish at the bottom of an office desk, or offering the ever-branded pen that proudly displays your company’s logo; you can make a splash with custom-made, brand-labeled, personalized water bottles that is remembered with every soothing drink they take while ambling about the trade fair. Any trade show, you have about 15 linear feet to make a big impression, and a lot of competition to rise above, but with a trade booth stocked personalized water bottles, they will act like a trail of breadcrumbs for other thirsty attendees.

Not All Promotional Products are Equal...

As mentioned, promotional products and trade shows are natural partners. Unfortunately, the vast majority of such products are cheap and designed to get your company name out there, but rarely are made to go the distance. As such, the last memory of that pen you handed out is when it’s being tossed into the trash because it quit working halfway through an important message, which is hardly what you want your last impression with them to be. Likewise, as mentioned, business cards languish in desks and post-it notes quickly get used and discarded, but personalized water bottles are finished with regret and inspire a desire to return to your booth for more refreshments.

Everyone likes water. Why not take advantage of that fact by stocking your trade show displays with clear refreshing water? In fact, personalized water bottles are so well received; you may want to consider stocking your office with these winning promotional ideas as well. Getting your marketing message out there on a wave of bottled water might be just the thing to set your marketing efforts apart from the crowd.

Find Out How Water can Bring Your Trade Show Booth to Life...

You invest a lot in time and treasure to set up your trade show displays, so you want to make sure that your efforts there are not wasted. In order to make the day profitable, and to raise your brand above the din of the crowd, you need to make a truly good impression in the short time you have available. Offering personalized water bottles to your visitors is a great way to make a good impression, and unlike a pen or business card, the water bottle doesn’t stay secreted in an inside pocket, but rather serve as an ongoing advertisement that your booth is up for business. If you would like to find out more information about how to transform your trade show booth into a Fountain of Opportunity, check us out at Pure Image to discuss your marketing needs.