How to Boost Your Business with Branded Water Bottles

One of the simplest yet most powerful marketing tools is keeping the name of your business in front of people. Even better is combining it with a logo that presents your message in a graphic, memorable form. Putting this information on giveaway items is a great form of delivery, but how do you select just which items to use?

Products such as pens and key chains have lost their novelty and often end up getting tossed out of sight in a drawer. Clothing is expensive, difficult to store and not universally adaptable. Get maximum visibility and positive association by placing your information on custom branded water bottles.

First of all, consider the practical advantages. Water is a product that can be used by anyone at any location or event. It's more affordable and cost-effective than other types of advertising. Bottled water labels provide enough space to clearly display your name and logo in a way that's eye-catching but not overwhelming. The bottles themselves are conveniently sized but not small enough to be tucked out of the way and forgotten.

From a marketing standpoint, your company gains from the association with a quality product. Medical experts have long been recommending water as the beverage of choice for improved health and well-being. Putting your brand on purified drinking water sends the message that your business cares about the welfare of others and wants to offer real value even in a giveaway item.

While print and media advertising provide benefits, their message is static. Once a consumer changes channels or passes a billboard, it's gone. Branded water bottles enable your name to be seen repeatedly by a number of different individuals. Whoever is drinking the water sees it every time they raise the bottle to take a sip. Since many people reuse water bottles and carry them around, your company's visibility will be raised exponentially as the original recipient travels from work to the gym to parent-teacher meetings and any other stop on a busy schedule.

Once you've decided on a label design and stocked up on your branded water bottles, the applications are endless. Keep them in your office or company facility for employees as well as to hand out at client meetings and presentations. Make sure to have a supply in the lobby where your receptionist can offer them to visitors. They're ideal for distributing at trade shows, when people work up a thirst from being on their feet and participating in numerous conversations. If your company participates in job fairs, take them along for your interviews.

Our Pure Image team can help you design your branded water bottles for maximum effect. Contact us and find out how purified water can rejuvenate your parched marketing program.