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At Pure Image, we can provide a custom water bottle to match your wedding theme. If you like, our artists will create a design that will dazzle you, or you can dream it up yourself, and we’ll print it to your specifications.

It All Starts with a Color Palette

Wedding theme colors come in an endless variety of patterns.

From Charmingly Elegant...

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To Traditional...

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To Downright Entrancing...

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Online Tools to Help You Select Wedding Colors

Trying to figure out your color scheme may be overwhelming – the choices are so numerous – and it’s so important.

But there are some online tools that can help you pick and choose. Petr Stanicek's Color Scheme Designer is a web-based color scheme selector that makes it easy to do the following:

  • Select a color
  • Generate a palette of color combinations
  • View the palette as a sample web page, with color deficit simulators.
  • Export the color palette you generated can as a HTML/CSS, or as a Photoshop palette.

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Also, offers their Wedding Color Chooser, which also allows you to customize an ideal color palette for your wedding. Using this tool, you can create and save your own color design and share it online with your family and friends.

The Design Process at Pure Image

Pure Image makes it easy for you to customize water bottles that match your overall wedding design.

From font, to color palette, to design, we make the process easy and the options infinite. You can create your own design or chose one of ours, and we’ll print your custom design on waterproof labels, fill them with deliciously purified water, and ship them directly to you. Here’s how it works.

For Custom Water Bottles that Match Your Wedding Design

Contact the professional team at We have top designers, we use only recycled bottles, and our water goes through a rigid purification process.

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